This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Candice is awesome and she helps you every step of the way! I was so nervous but her excitement forced me to relax and have fun! I cried when I saw my pictures less than a week later! Absolutely stunning! The professionalism was top notch!!! If you EVER wanted to do a photoshoot to pull out the gorgeously sexy woman that we all are, book with Candice Michelle Boudoir!
— Ms. I
I’d like to take a moment and express my GRATITUDE to you for welcoming me into your studio! Your aura and professionalism goes beyond of any words I’m able to muster... I always knew I was beautiful, but you brought something out of me and I’m grateful for that....
— Ms. J
What an amazing experience! Candice is extremely professional. She makes you feel comfortable and gives excellent guidance. The studio is great... very versatile. The photos are great but the end product... OMG! Presentation is everything, and she nailed it! If you’re looking for something fun, exciting, and uniquely special to do for yourself or your significant other, you’re at the right place. Booth your session, not now, but RIGHT NOW!
— Mrs. T
Candice Michelle Boudoir Photography is ONE OF THE BEST!!!! I enjoyed everything about the shoot, I was so comfortable considering I’ve never done a shoot in Lingerie.. She made me see things in myself I never seen.. I HIGHLY recommend her.. Definitely a great experience!!
— - Ms. R