Flaws and All

Ok. These sessions are not just about pretty pictures. Yes, we put on makeup and yes I encourage my clients to choose wardrobe items that enhance as well as camouflage but the experience is most definitely all about self love. It’s about embracing and loving who you are, flaws and all. (anyone else start singing Beyonce’? No? just me? k…) 

Every freckle, stretch mark, skin fold, and secret tattoo tell a story that is uniquely you. Let me help you tell that story. Yes,we will get gorgeous and let your inner diva out but let’s also strip down and capture the essence of you. Whether that’s bold and outgoing or quiet and fierce, let’s document it together with artistic “implied” nudes. No we don't show our naughty pieces. What we do show is your strength, and your courageousness, and maybe a bit of side boob :)  But we do this by playing with shadows and strategic posing, infused with YOUR personality and style to show off who you are at your CORE.

And these types of images coupled with our gorgeous metallic wall art? GAH!!! It screams gallery wall. 

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