Saturday Night at the CMB - Baltimore Beauty and Boudoir

“What do you want to do for date night babe?” Movies? - blah, Bowling? - Are you kidding? I just got my nails done.  Dinner? - I guess… WRONG. You want to do something fun,exciting, and memorable. Here’s where I can help. CMB now offers Couples sessions as a fun Saturday evening alternative. Oh yea. It’s. about. to go. DOWN.    

Here’s what our couple sessions entail. (Couples sessions can only be booked with the Elle,Vogue, or Vanity Fair collections)

After booking, I’ll hold your hand and walk you through everything from eyelashes to underwear. We’ll plan themes, makeup ideas, and complementing outfits. The day of your shoot, one of our professional makeup artists will create whatever look we decided would be best for your session. Then we’ll do a few individual boudoir images (Because, let’s be real, it’s still about you. He’s really just a hot piece of … accessory..) After I’m done shooting you and all of your FABULOUSNESS, I’ll shoot the two of you together. We’ll capture fun moments, quiet moments, sexy moments, and everything in between! 

This sure beats the hell out of an Italian joint for dinner!… Ok I take that back.. I love me some italian food… Mmm.. Italian… I digress.. My point is, it’ll be an awesome time. 

And when you're old and gray, you can sit and flip through your album and think… “We were the S#*! back in our day”