Beauty and Boudoir: Session Planning 101 - Baltimore Boudoir Photography

Session planning is another reason why we’re not just another Photography Studio. I LOVE being totally hands on. I like to toss around ideas, play with themes, pick nail polish colors…. Basically I’m all up in it. And Pinterest is my way of doing that. 

Pinterest is a wonderful tool to help ensure everyone (your photographer, your makeup artist, and yourself) are on the same page. Nothing is worse than having your makeup artist work on you for an hour and you realize the “smokey eye” that you wanted wasn't the “smokey eye” that she gave you. With Pinterest, you choose images that you feel represent the mood of your shoot. I like to call these cohesive group of images “Mood” boards - pretty obvious, right? Mood Boards can have anything from makeup looks, to hair ideas, to posing inspiration. Want that golden makeup look Bey had on last week? Pin it! Or that Kardashian contour? Pin it! Or that one pose that this girl did that one time on ANTM. Pin that S#*%!!

I have multiple boards compiled of my favorite images and easily labeled for whatever it is you may be looking for. I have “Boudoir Posing Inspiration” “White Sheet Inspiration” “Wardrobe Ideas” and so on. Clients can browse thru the CMB boards pinning what they like OR you and I can totally build a board a board together that is uniquely you! You can choose to be completely hands on, or I can do all the work for you! That's the beauty of a Candice Michelle Boudoir Session. It's completely personalized experience from beginning to end. 

Look thru the CMB Boards and see what inspires you, then email me so we can make it a reality!