I don’t take photos…

I create ART


I am... a mother, a dancer, a teacher, an overachiever, a believer, a pasta eater and a serious goofball. I love coffee and wine... lots of it. I'm NOT a morning person, but I'm definitely a people person. I spend most days in yoga pants and a t-shirt with my hair tied in a knot, promising myself that I will actually do that workout tomorrow. I am a real person, with real insecurities, just like you. I understand that we don't get to be (or more importantly FEEL) glamorous in our day to day lives, which enables me to understand the true VALUE of what I do. I'm not in the business of making you beautiful. I'm in the business of REMINDING you that you're beautiful... 

Let me help you celebrate you! I provide a FUN, luxurious, can't miss experience. From makeup, and wardrobe styling, to customizable sets and lighting and professional posing! I promise you'll leave our studio feeling like a million bucks. 



1. I am also a dance teacher/studio owner. I went to college for dance and have been in the studio since age 4. My shooting/posing techniques are heavily influenced by my dance background.

2.Cardi B is my spirit animal… and apparently my one year old daughter’s as well…

3. I used to travel the country choreographing and back up dancing for huge DragQueen Pageants... Heeeey Coco Montrese!

4. I adore my 2 children but can't send them out the door fast enough on days that end with "y"

5. When I was younger I dreamed of being an assassin... There, I said it out loud. They always had the BEST BOOTS... Don't judge me..

6. This mama runs on Starbucks, Wine, and Amazon Prime. And will soon have the shirt to prove it (Thanks Snookie)

8. I LOVE reminding women how beautiful they are inside and out. My job really is a blast and shows in my work.

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